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Our Practice

Welcome to Sleep Centre Katherine, where we prioritise quality care and safety for our patients. Our modern facilities and leading brand products, along with our dedicated service, have earned us a trusted reputation in the Big Rivers region. Our highly trained CPAP/Sleep consultant, Shannon, is committed to providing education and follow-up service to ensure your confidence in your treatment. We offer a variety of CPAP machines and accessories to best suit your needs and strive to minimize wait times with same-day appointments when possible.


BTL Emsella treatment presents a promising solution for those dealing with urinary incontinence problems, regardless of gender, be it urge incontinence & stress incontinence. Unlike traditional treatment options, this non-invasive approach doesn't require drugs or surgery. It uses high-intensity electromagnetic stimulation to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles, which in turn helps with the restoration of neuromuscular control. The best part is that patients don't have to go through any undressing or exposure during the treatment, as they can remain fully clothed while sitting on the Emsella chair. Speak to Shannon to explore this innovative and comfortable treatment option.

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